Gps Software

Written by Jen Nichol
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GPS software allows people to, essentially, create their ideal maps. Global positioning system technology works off of 28 satellites, and allows anyone with a GPS unit to triangulate a position, anywhere in the world. GPS software brings this home to the consumer, lending a degree of unprecedented knowledge and foresight to any outdoor endeavor.

GPS software allows a person to map the area from their departure to their destination, and then to break up the journey with "waypoints," and then to further map each of those legs of the journey. GPS maps are customizable, allowing the user to zoom in or out as needed. The right software makes trip planning exciting and realistic, and allows you to carry only the map you need, rather than having to find two or three maps to cover the area of exploration.

The Right GPS Software Makes a Difference

One important rule that many people who use GPS stress is that you should save a waypoint at every major turning point on one's route. This allows you to calculate time and distance from point to point, and from every major landmark or turn. This allows you better loyalty to the trip plan, in case you ever need to backtrack.

When we are sailing, hiking, or doing whatever it is that we are using our GPS for, we always use a combination of visual and electronic navigation. Our GPS units will tell us time, distance, and altitude, but we also need to use our other senses to successfully and holistically complete the trip. For this reason, maps generated by GPS software are so important; they give us the picture of what's going on outside of our GPS screens, so we know what to look for and how best to approach the leg ahead.

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