Gpsmap 168 Sounder

Written by Scott Martin
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The GPSMAP 168 Sounder offers you some of the best GPS features of any marine unit. With a sleek, compact design, the waterproof GPSMAP 168 Sounder functions as a combination GPS receiver and chartplotter. Best of all, the GPSMAP 168 Sounder includes a depth-finder, making it easier to assess the waters around you.

Using the GPSMAP 168 Sounder

With a 12 parallel channel GPS receiver, alongside tide prediction tables, this unit is truly ahead of its time. The built-in basemap covers highways, interstates, rivers and lakes in the United States. Reminiscent of the Fishfinder 240, the GPSMAP 168 Sounder is roughly 6" in size, with a high-resolution FSTN LCD display in four-level grays.

If you want to customize your GPSMAP 168 Sounder, you might consider certain add-ins. For extra map data, you can download up to 2.5 MB of information from any MapSource® CD-ROM. Some of the favorite add-ins from the MapSource® line include the ever-popular Fishing Hot Spots and U.S. Waterways & Lights.

Perhaps one of the most favorite features of the GPSMAP 168 Sounder is the 150-watt depth finder. This makes catching fish much easier, and enables you to make the most of your time on the water. For further edge, Garmin's See-Thru® technology separates fish returns from thermoclines and structure--second only to its ability to provide a distinct image of bottom hardness and structure, through use of its graphic whiteline.

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