Gpsmap 172c

Written by Tadashi Moody
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Combining state-of-the-art GPS technology with easy-to-use features, the GPSMAP 172C is a charplotter like none you've ever seen. Sporting a high-resolution color LCD display, you can read this chartplotter in even the harshest sunlight. Those on a budget will love the affordability of the GPSMAP 172C, and its lightweight design will please everyone who uses it.

Furthermore, you can access huge amounts of up-to-date information with the GPSMAP 172C. With information available on depth contours, inter-tidal zones, wrecks, and navaids, you can stay abreast of current conditions. Best of all, each unit comes with a worldwine marine basemap, which can be customized further with MapSource® Bluechart® products.

Gleaning Information from the GPSMAP 172C

Whether you're seeking highly intricate information, or whether you're just needing to see the conditions and area at a glance, the GPSMAP 172C is a boon to any navigator. In fact, you can access most features with the touch of a button, preventing you from having to learn the intricacies of the technology. You can add pre-programmed data cards in the unit's front side, to add additional maps and information.

This capability for customization makes the GPSMAP 172C a consistently popular model. You can even transform this model into a chartplotter and sounder combo, simply by adding the Garmin GSD 30 black box sonar and transducer. Of course, you can also add further mapping information by taking advantage of other MapSource® CD-ROMs, including the ever-popular Fishing Hot Spots.

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