Gpsmap 178c

Written by Scott Martin
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The GPSMAP 178C Sounder offers powerful sonar, and incredible features, that combine to make a highly-effective, high-end console that still manages to be affordable. With Garmin's legendary LCD color screen, this high-resolution unit helps you locate fish in an instant. Best of all, its compact size and simple interface make it easy to use and even easier to carry.

GPSMAP 178C Features

Of course, the GPSMAP 178C is at its best with a built-in marine basemap that covers every end of the earth. With MapSource® offshore marine cartography, you can take advntage of depth contour details, inter-tidal zones, wrecks, and navaids. You can even use the GPSMAP 178C Sounder with MapSource Recreational Lakes to highlight fishing areas, marinas, boat ramps, and hazards--whether you're situated in the U.S. or Canada!

The GPSMAP 178C Sounder comes with a remote antenna, that can be used with a 30-foot cable, or simply utilized using an integrated GPS sensor. With a PC cable and AC adapter, this unit is fully compatible with your home or work computer, for ease of use. With a single knob adjustable tilt and swivel mount, you can be sure to tote and maneuver this unit, whether you're on land or water.

The viewing area of the GPSMAP 178C is a marvel all its own, with a 320 x 320 pixel screen, and a 4.5-inch diagonal viewing area. You can also say goodbye to lags and waits when you use this unit, as a modern 200-MHz processor means you can acquire data, pan, and zoom in a flash. Best of all, Garmin's new digital display means that you can see sonar images underlaid behind your data, for comprehensive viewing.

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