Gpsmap 182c

Written by Scott Martin
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The GPSMAP 182c is one of the Garmin's premier GPS products. This device will help you safely navigate water around the world with its built-in maps providing information about coastlines, rivers, lakes and the tides. If this unit is used in the United States, it contains valuable information on roadways and cities.

However, you are not limited to this built-in data. The GPSMAP 182c is greatly expandable through the use of micro cartridges with BlueChart information. Depending on your particular interest, you can purchase preprogrammed cards that have information on Fishing Hot Spots or more specific maps.

Not all of the data on the GPSMAP 182c is about water or land maps. You can navigate by using stars with the built-in celestial tables. Other very important nautical information that this unit contains is sun and moon rise and setting times and location.

GPSMAP 182c Design

The GPSMAP 182c has been designed to be easy to use under any condition. Nothing is more frustrating than to be out on a bright day and not able to read your GPS unit because it has a washed out screen. Furthermore, with various audio alarms, you do not need to be watching the unit at every moment in order to be updated with important information.

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