Gpsmap 2010c

Written by Tadashi Moody
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It doesn't get much better than the GPSMAP 2010C, if you're seeking a feature-packed chartplotter. With a 10-inch screen, the GPSMAP 2010C offers you the best in resolution, with a 256-color display. These exceptional graphics are second only to the unit's lightning-speed response and redraw time.

These high-end graphics make the GPSMAP 2010C exceptionally easy to read, even in high sunlight. It can be used above deck or at the navstation--wherever you need it most. Best of all, the GPSMAP 2010C comes with smart antennas sporting built-in WAAS receivers--boasting an average accuracy within three meters.

Add-ins for the GPSMAP 2010C

Like other Garmin products, the GPSMAP 2010C is completely compatible with Garmin's BlueChart® cartography. In fact, you can use up to two optional data cards with this particular model. This comes on top of an international basemap that offers you fine coastline detail, for all your chartplotting needs.

For those users looking to specialize their 2010C, MapSource® CD-ROM products work perfectly with the unit. In fact, you can use the renowned Fishing Hot Spots product to further customize your 2010C unit. Look online for excellent deals and add-ons, to get the best deal on the most comprehensive 2010C unit.

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