Gpsmap 60c

Written by Tadashi Moody
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With a brilliant high-end color display, the GPSMAP 60C is truly a navigational revolution. This model provides easy reading during any hour, with highly reflective units that can be read even in direct, bright sunlight. Packaged in a light, waterproof design, you can rely on your GPSMAP 60C for up to 30 hours, with only a couple of AA batteries.

Features of the GPSMAP 60C

The GPSMAP 60C provides automatic route calculation, to ensure that you stay on track. Additionally, you can enjoy an integrated outdoor calendar, and fast geocaching mode. For times when you're looking to take a break, the GPSMAP 60C even comes packaged with built-in GPS games, so that you can begin to relax as you continue your journey.

With a state-of-the-art, high-power processor, and 56 MB of memory, you can download maps with great detail. You can enjoy auto-routing, audio alerts, and turn-by-turn directions, to make the experience more accurate and enjoyable. Of course, you can augment your GPSMAP 60C simply by using MapSource® products, as well as 24K Topo software.

You can access fast map transferring by using either a USB or serial connection to your PC. This allows you to share navigation instructions with anyone you might want to inform--be they repeaters, plotters, or autopilots. Additionally, any gamer can quickly access the best hunting and fishing times in a given day, making it an invaluable tool for those who desire to catch game or fish.

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