Gpsmap 76cs

Written by Jen Nichol
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Getting out on the water always involves weighing a number of factors, including weather, speed, direction, depth, and wind, among others. You simply cannot have too much information when you are a serious and responsible mariner. For this reason, top marine global positioning units, like the GPSmap 76cs are modern essentials.

Every sailor knows that the water is tricky, and that the weather can change faster on open water than anywhere else. A good marine handheld, like the GPSmap 76gs, will offer much-needed information to prevent sticky situations. Fog, rain, and high winds can all cause a boat to veer dangerously off-course, and fumbling with charts and compasses is not always feasible.

The GPSmap 76cs Make Marine Navigation Easy

The right GPS unit will allow any sailor to triangulate his or her position, anywhere in the world. Top GPS units will have an electronic compass, an altimeter, and may even offer color-display technology. Marine navigation requires precision and attention to detail, both of which are made much easier with the right GPS unit.

Applying GPS technology to marine navigation makes any trip onto the water more enjoyable. When you know that you have the best tools available at your fingertips, you can relax and enjoy the day out. Many marine emergencies can be prevented by using a solid GPS unit, and with such affordable prices available, it doesn't make sense to go out on the water without one.

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