Magellan Explorist

Written by Jen Nichol
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The Magellan Explorist is one of the most user-friendly examples of global positioning technology. These pocket-sized receivers allow hundreds of points of interest to be saved in memory. They use 14 parallel channels for quick data retrieval, and the user can choose from English, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Swedish, and Portuguese models.

This Magellan model also boasts an amber-colored backlight, which is easy to read and won't distract you from the trail. The Explorist is rugged, made of impact resistant rubber and plastic. For a good all-around GPS unit that can be used successfully in any number of situations, the Magellan Explorist is the way to go.

The Magellan Explorist Is User-Friendly

With any number of GPS units on the market, it's good to go with a tried-and-true brand. Magellan is, and has been, at the cutting edge of GPS technology. From backpacking to global aviation, Magellan makes models that do the job with precision and reliability.

The Magellan Explorist works well in changing weather conditions, as this model is moisture-proof and can resist the rigors of the trail. Since most people are a bit intimidated by all of the functions of GPS units, they should be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to get to know this model. Everyone who feels the impetus to get out into unfamiliar territory will find the tools and data they need with the Explorist.

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