Meridian Gps

Written by Jen Nichol
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Magellan makes the Meridian GPS line for serious navigators. These GPS models come with all of the bells and whistles, including the ability to give directions in several languages, including Finnish, English, Dutch, and German. Some models in the Meridian series have 16 MB of built-in maps, including all U.S. highways, waterways, airports, etc.

Some Meridian GPS units have a sunrise, sunset calculator, for people who don't want to drive at night, and for fishermen who want to be out angling before daybreak. Checking out the manual as soon as you get your GPS unit will allow you to fully take advantage of the mammoth capabilities of these machines. Although they can be tiny, their applications are many, and you don't want to be using only a fraction of your unit's applications.

Find the Right Meridian GPS Unit

You can track weather changes with barometric pressure readings, and store up to 20 routes and 2,000 trackpoints on some of the Meridian models. Almost any navigational data can be stored and retrieved with these mini-computers. Magellan has always made top-notch GPS equipment, but the Meridian series is tough, serious, and complete.

The Meridian series runs between $200 and $450, if you can find a solid discount GPS resource. Otherwise, these units can cost quite a bit more. One great place to find top GPS models at discount prices is through the Internet, and the ease of browsing and ordering is an additional bonus.

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