Mobile Gps

Written by Tadashi Moody
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Mobile GPS melds global positioning and digital mapping with other valuable technologies of today, to create new and innovative tools that expand possibilities and broaden horizons. With GPS becoming both more powerful and affordable every day, companies like Garmin Electronics have sought to integrate it into our lives in ways that we never imagined. From automotive navigation systems to two-way communications, Garmin has married GPS with other tools to create mobile solutions.

Mobile GPS in Two-Way Communications

Two-way radios have become indispensable in many professions and industries from public safety to aviation. But today that technology has been made available to the public by way of the FRS and GMRS radio services. Garmin has elevated two-way communications to another level with their innovative Rino family of products, which add accurate location data to voice information.

Mobile GPS in Automotive Navigation

Paper maps are quickly becoming an artifact of past times. With advances in digital cartography one can store vast amounts of geographic information in extremely small electronic packages. Combining this with GPS technology, you can have accurate, real-time geographic information at your fingertips as you drive virtually anywhere in the country or the world.

GPS is making its way into many other facets of our lives. From personal digital assistants providing on-demand route information, to small handheld electronic devices guiding us through the woods on a hike, GPS is changing the way we move through life. Garmin Electronics is at the forefront of Mobile GPS solutions with their innovative and quality products.

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