Outdoor Gps

Written by Jen Nichol
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There are so many outdoor sports and adventure opportunities, and more are being invented all of the time. One of the reasons for the recent interest in outdoor sports like off-piste skiing, back-country camping, and deep sea fishing, is the advent and evolution of outdoor GPS units. These handheld units allow you to find critical data, anywhere in the world.

Top companies like Lowrance, Magellan, Garmin, and Navman make a wealth of GPS models. These units can be used to tell time, direction, altitude, speed, and distance. They can guide anyone expertly, from point to point, anywhere in the world.

Outdoor GPS Units Abound

Although GPS units are frequently found in cars, airplanes, and boats, every manufacturer makes handheld units and GPS wristwatches to cater to everyone who needs outdoor GPS data. You can take these units anywhere, and as long as you have a line of site to one of the many satellites that make up the GPS system. The ability to get longitude, latitude, altitude, and even barometric pressure readings is allowing more and more people to explore the great outdoors.

Going out into the wilderness or out into deep water without all of the information you need to keep you safe and get you back home is foolhardy. That's why, prior to widespread use of GPS technology, these pursuits were the realm of the intrepid. Now, however, critical data is easy to get, anytime of day, anywhere in the world.

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