Palm Gps

Written by Jen Nichol
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The ability to add navigation capability to Palm OS means that, conceivably any information you need during your day is right at your fingertips. E-mail, corporate documents, phone numbers, addresses, and clear, concise directions to those addresses are just a few of the many functions of a Palm GPS unit. These gadgets combine the best of office technology with everything you need to get where you are going in the great outdoors, whether you are running to a meeting across town, or sailing to an island in the South Pacific.

A Palm GPS will show you how to get to gas stations, hotels, ATMs and airports. For anyone who takes their work on the road, these integrated units are indispensable. You can save positions on your journey to make a return trip remarkably simple, and you can get street-by-street directions to your destination.

Palm GPS Units Are Becoming Indispensable

Palm OS mobile organizers have become ubiquitous to the common era. Accessing the Internet or quickly retrieving corporate documents are tasks that we find ourselves having to do several times during the day. The ability to have these capabilities close at hand while enjoying the power of a GPS unit is remarkable.

These units also let you zoom in or out to get local details or the big picture, as needed. Speed, distance, and estimated time of arrival are all important pieces of data to have when you are engaged in work-related travel. These integrated PDA and GPS units have so much power and applicability, and they fit right in the palm of your hand.

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