Pda Gps

Written by Jen Nichol
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There are PDA GPS units that combine two powerful machines into one unit. A combined PDA GPS unit allows you to have all of the many benefits of a PDA, including daily appointments, e-mail, and document storage, while enjoying the data of a GPS. You can even get voice commands guiding you to your destination.

One example of a PDA GPS is the iQue, which is a small handheld that has a remarkable amount of storage and power. The iQue lets you save up to 500 waypoints on your GPS, while always having your PDA information close at hand. There are ports that allow you to upgrade the memory and storage capacity, and patch antennas for excellent reception.

Explore PDA GPS Capabilities

There are a number of ways to leverage the power of a PDA GPS unit. Everything we used to carry in our briefcases can now be held in the palm of our hand, with a PDA. Combine that with a compass, maps, nautical charts, an altimeter, and a global clock, and you also have the power of a GPS.

Anyone who wants to get out while still staying connected will appreciate the capabilities of a combined PDA GPS unit. We can think better when we are not bogged down with gadgets and papers, and these units will keep us informed without weighing us down. Running from meeting to meeting is infinitely easier when we know where we are going, and can get turn-by-turn directions.

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