Portable Gps Systems

Written by Jen Nichol
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Portable GPS systems and accessories come in the form of hand held units, antennas, wristwatches, bike mounts, fish finders, and more. Nearly every major GPS manufacturer makes portable units, since there is such a high demand for serious, rugged GPS units. There are even PDA GPS integrated devices, which allow you to have an unprecedented amount of information at your fingertips.

Global positioning systems are much more applicable when they are eminently portable. People use these devices to ski, snowboard, hike, camp, mountain bike, sail, and fish. In fact, almost every adventurous outdoor sport can benefit from GPS technology. There is even a new sport called "geocaching" that is based on the prevalence of GPS technology.

Portable GPS Systems Are Affordable

Among the major brands turning out top-quality, portable GPS systems are Magellan, Garmin, and Lowrance. People who are looking into GPS technology for the first time are often surprised by how affordable some of these world-class models are. Even the most basic GPS unit offers a wealth of data to the user.

Portable GPS systems give the user such data as longitude, latitude, altitude, speed, and distance to destination or next stopping point. Stopping points are called "waypoints," and they can be programmed into the GPS unit, as can a number of other points. There are a number of styles of portable GPS systems, so that everyone can find the model and the price that is just right for them.

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