Rhino 130

Written by Tadashi Moody
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The Rhino 130 GPS-integrated FRS/GMRS handheld radio keeps you on the right track and in touch with your crew. No matter what your outdoor excursions are, the built-in electronic compass only takes a moment of stillness to read. Top its long list of features off with its barometric altimeter, and you have accurate elevation and pressure information with pinpoint precision.

Communicating with the Rhino 130

With the Rhino 130, you can enjoy the benefits of two-way radio communication. The transmission range is two miles for those using FRS channels--but up to five miles with GMRS. This enables others to communicate with you instantly, whenever and wherever there's a need.

In fact, communication is a key features of the Rhino 130, with capabilities for short text messaging and single-button position transmission. Advantageously, by pressing a single button, you can let others know your exact position, and allow them to navigate straight to you.

More Rhino 130 Features

Additionally, the Rhino 130 comes with a polling features, by which users can request GPS location information from other Rhino units. Combine these features with North and South American detailed maps--showing highways, rivers, lakes, railways, and borders--and you have one feature-packed radio. In fact, with high-internal memory capacity, the Rhino 130 can store map data from other Garmin MapSource® products.

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