Rino 120

Written by Tadashi Moody
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With the Rino 120 and the entire Rino line of products, Garmin takes two-way communications to a whole new level. Marrying FRS/GMRS two-way radios with GPS navigation technology, Garmin has created a product which allows you not only to hear other Rino users, but to visualize their locations on digital maps through its built in LCD screen. You can "beam" your location to other Rino users as well, or simply use one of the 22 communications channels to speak to anyone using the FRS/GMRS radio system.

Joining Two-Way Radio and GPS Technologies

The Rino 120 is a WAAS enabled GPS receiver, which means it has the ability to locate you or other Rino users accurately. You can also communicate with others up to two miles away on the FRS radio service, or up to five miles away on the GMRS radio service. This can be extremely useful in many outdoor adventures, whether you are in an emergency situation or just rounding up your friends for lunch on the ski hill.

The Rino 120 Builds on Rino Technology

The Rino radios are the only waterproof FRS radios available today. Also at the heart of the Rino technology is the graphic plotter screen which can show your location or that of other Rino users, and waypoints or points of interest. The Rino 120 builds on these solid features found in the Rino 110.

It takes a step up from the Rino 110 by adding a not only a basemap of American road and highway detail, but also 8 megabytes of available memory for downloading additional map data. The Rino 120 also adds a voice scrambler for security and a vibration mode for silent calls. Couple this with valuable radio features like voice activation, squelch codes, and a backlit display and you have one of the most versatile communications devices on the market today.

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