Street Pilot Iii

Written by Tadashi Moody
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With the Street Pilot III by Garmin, you no longer have to be envious of the new cars that come with factory installed navigation systems. You can add a high-quality GPS navigation system to your own current car. With such a system, you will never become lost since you will be receiving directions and will be able to see your current location.

One benefit of using the Street Pilot III is the ability to have directions generated for you that follow the fastest and shortest routes available. While you are following a route, you will be guided by precise voice directions. You will be updated on the forthcoming course changes and turns as well as your distance from the destination.

Street Pilot III Accessories

The Street Pilot III is designed to quickly and easy travel from home to your vehicle. Included with this unit is a dashboard mount. To ensure the best possible GPS results, you can use the portable antenna. In addition, you will receive an external speaker, with cigarette lighter adapter, in order to play the voice commands.

When you need to update the software, you can use the PC interface cable or the USB data card programmer. The unit comes with an Americas Autoroute basemap and the MapSource® City Navigator North America CD. You can also use other MapSource® products to provide updated data to the unit.

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