Streetpilot Iii

Written by Scott Martin
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The StreetPilot III can be your salvation, if you were born without an inner compass, or simply spend a lot of time driving. With the Garmin StreetPilot III, you can be sure to never get lost again. You can easily and quickly create a route by entering a destination, by following voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions.

About the StreetPilot III

Best of all, you can choose from a variety of routes with the StreetPilot III. You can find the shortest and fastest route, and bypass construction and other delays. Furthermore, you can receive directions and an estimated arrival time, so that you're never late due to traffic conditions again.

Perhaps the biggest boon of the StreetPilot III is the sheer ease of use. With user-friendly menu-driven interface, the StreetPilot III makes using this GPS unit a cinch. Best of all, you can enjoy full-color high-definition LCD viewing, which is viewable even in bright sunlight.

You can even further customize your StreetPilot III by integrating it with a MapSource® CD-ROM. This enables you to download street-level mapsets from your PC, all using a simple USB cable connection. With the StreetPilot III mounted on your vehicle, you can find your way even in the worst conditions, regardless of where you end up.

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