Tomtom Navigator

Written by Jen Nichol
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The TomTom Navigator pulls out all the stops in getting you to your destination. There are voice guided instructions and, using house numbers, this system gives precise, door-to-door directions. The TomTom Navigator even allows for instantaneous creation of new routes using a "roadblock" function, which is a great way to try new routes, especially for commuters.

A wireless Bluetooth receiver is included in this system, which should tell you how committed TomTom is to staying ahead of the game. You can get 2D and 3D navigational views, since everyone visualizes things a little differently. This system even integrates with Pocket Outlook.

The TomTom Navigator Is Ahead of the Game

There are so many uses for a system like the TomTom Navigator. These days, time is money, and we can make the most out of travel time when we know exactly where we are going. TomTom is absolutely committed to getting people to their destinations in an efficient and professional manner.

Business people, especially, cannot afford to be late to a meeting, or to look as if they simply don't know where they are going. GPS systems that offer voice commands allow meeting-goers to arrive calm and confident, instead of harried and tardy. The TomTom is for people who want serious service and bright, modern GPS engineering.

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