Waterproof Gps

Written by Jen Nichol
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A waterproof GPS is absolutely important when engaging in any outdoor activity. After all, we use these units in order to engage more enthusiastically in our favorite sports: fishing, mountain biking, heli-skiing, back-country camping, and competitive sailing, among others. These units have to stand up to bad weather, or they are useless.

Out in the field, we have to deal with fog, rain, sleet, and wind, not to mention snow, hail, and even grueling Sahara-like desert conditions. It is most important, when faced with extreme weather conditions, that we can maintain contact with critical data concerning our position and our direction. It is precise and reliable data that will allow us to deal with challenging circumstances with equanimity.

A Waterproof GPS Is Important in the Field

There are a number of top models that also boast effective weather resistance. Garmin and Magellan both make models that are renowned in the GPS arena for being rugged and impact-resistant, totally reliable on the trail or out to sea. Shopping around is so important when it comes to GPS shopping, because you will rely on these units to get you out of some sticky situations and get you home safely.

GPS units come with all types of functions, including voice commands, barometric readings, and route storage, among others. These units are incredibly capable of leading us in the direction of our dreams. With GPS units as affordable as they are (and $100-$500 is affordable, given the global precision offered by this technology), it makes no sense to get on the road or on the trail without one.

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