Binaural Phone Headsets

Written by Linda Alexander
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Binaural phone headsets have two earphones, connected by a headband. They are a great choice for blocking out noise at loud call centers. They cost a little more, but if you're buying in bulk for a call center, this is not too much of an issue. Many agents prefer binaural phone headsets because they block out noise better than their monaural counterparts.

Monaural phone headsets are more economical and some people find them more comfortable. They are fine for smaller offices or quieter call centers. However, if you are on the phone for long periods of time or work in a busy, noisy environment, binaural phone headsets are a better choice. Agents can hear better on them because they don't have to filter out background noise when listening to callers.

Binaural Phone Headsets Vs. Monaural Headsets

With a monaural headset, you can usually switch which ear the earphone goes on. So this is not an issue for agents who share headsets. Obviously, with a binaural model, you don't have to choose, as you will be able to hear your caller in both ears. Binaural headsets are generally more durable than monaural units. Having two headsets connected by a headband gives the headset more structure, and therefore, more strength and resilience.

Another option, particularly useful for call centers, is the convertible headset. These headsets can be worn in up to six different styles. When you have a large crowd to please, these are your best bet. That way, agents can each choose the type of headset they want--and after their shifts, the next agents can convert the headsets into the different styles they are comfortable with.

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