Call Center Headsets

Written by Linda Alexander
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There isn't a call center out there that does not use call center headsets. Critical communications rely on headset technology to relay messages clearly and accurately. Yet some companies try to skimp on this necessary tool by buying fragile, inexpensive headsets that have poor capabilities. Before you purchase headsets for your call center, take the time to evaluate them thoroughly. Your headsets are crucial to your agents' productivity, so choose wisely.

Evaluating Call Center Headsets

When evaluating call center headsets, be sure to ask the following questions. Do the headsets stay in place when worn? Are they comfortable after wearing them for long periods of time? How adjustable are the volume controls, and how is the sound quality on both ends of the line? Both parties must be able to speak and hear clearly without any interference.

Your headset users should be able to easily adjust the microphones, which should not be in the way of talking. If the headsets have quick disconnect, how easy is this feature to use? Users should easily be able to tell if the phone is in headset or handset mode.

Another important feature to look for in call center headsets is noise cancellation ability. The microphone should be able to filter out any sounds other than those intended for it, i.e. the person wearing the headset. Security is critical, especially when transmitting financial or personal information. The last thing you want is for sensitive information to be overheard on the headset of someone nearby.

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