Convertible Headsets

Written by Linda Alexander
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Convertible headsets offer you a choice of ways to wear them. They are manufactured for comfort and durability, and are a flexible option for call centers and other businesses who purchase large amounts of headsets. With convertible headsets, you can let your agents choose the way they want to wear them.

One way to wear a convertible headset is over the head, which is more stable. The other way is over the ear, which is great when you remove the headset between calls. Convertible headsets can easily be converted from one style to another. The prices for these types of headsets are about the same as for monaural headsets.

Options in Convertible Headsets

Convertible headsets give agents lots of options for wearing them. In call centers, where there is high turnover, you don't need to buy new headsets for every employee. Instead, they can have what they want in a convertible headset. There is even one model that allows you to wear it six different ways. You can choose which ear to place the earphone on, adjust the earloop, and adjust the headband if you wear it over your head.

If you are looking for maximum flexibility and comfort and have a large crowd to please, purchase convertible models for your employees. They offer the most options and are easy to convert from one style to another. As with any purchase, it's best to test them out before you buy a large number of them.

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