Cordless Cellular Phone Headsets

Written by Linda Alexander
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The demand for hands free cordless cellular phone headsets is growing each year, as people become aware of the dangers of driving while talking on the phone. Industries like construction, where people frequently drive and talk, would benefit much from cordless headsets. In fact, many companies are providing their drivers with headsets to help avoid car accidents.

Individuals may be more comfortable with different styles of cordless cellular phone headsets, so it's best to ask the driver what he or she prefers. There are convertible headsets available, which change styles from monaural to binaural, and headband style to over the ear. But by far, the most important buying feature is the clarity of communication the headset offers.

Features of Cordless Cellular Phone Headsets

Higher-priced cordless cellular phone headsets will have volume and mute controls within easy reach, and flexible boom microphones that are noise canceling. Adjustable receivers also cost more. For cell phones, most headsets require a 2.5 mm or 3.5 mm plugs. If your phone does not have these plugs, you can also buy an adapter.

Before purchasing headsets, be sure your phone is compatible with the headsets or that an adapter is available. Your sales rep will be able to help you choose the right headsets that fit your phone. With headsets, you will feel safer, still have clear conversations with other parties, and be able to work and drive at the same time.

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