Hands Free Headsets

Written by Linda Alexander
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Hands free headsets come in handy any time you need your hands to work while you are on the phone. People who need to enter data while talking, such as order takers at call centers, often use headsets where they work. Hands free headsets are also a lot more comfortable for anybody who talks on the phone for extended periods of time, such as sales people.

Hands Free Headsets and the Comfort Factor

Instead of cradling your handset between your ear and your shoulder, causing neck cramps and headaches, opt for a headset instead. For a relatively inexpensive cost, headsets provide comfort and increase productivity. They cause fewer muscle spasms than handsets and give you the freedom of movement you need while you are on the phone.

Hands free headsets are great for cell phones, too. They are much safer to use when driving and talking than holding the phone up to your ear. They allow you to keep both hands on the wheel and to concentrate better. It's more like you are talking to a passenger than holding a phone conversation while trying to navigate the road.

If you talk on your cell phone often, you can use a headset while you walk around. Simply clip the phone to your belt and the microphone to your shirt or jacket, and you are free to talk as you walk. Just don't be surprised when people give you funny looks. They might think you are talking to yourself!

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