Headset Accessories

Written by Linda Alexander
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Once you have selected the right headset for your needs, it's time to think about headset accessories. Anything from a hands free car kit to a headset amplifier can be classified as headset accessories. You might want to add things on to your headset, or you may need something to complete the package.

Headset Accessories in Use

If your headset does not fit your phone, you have two choices. You can either replace your telephone with a headset phone and the headset you've bought. Or, you can use your existing phone with an amplifier and your headset. The amplifier will plug into your phone, and the headset will connect to your amplifier. Amplifiers also allow you to switch between your handset and headset, and they usually have a mute button so you can block out internal conversations if you get interrupted.

Another accessory comes with the car kit. If you are using a headset for your mobile phone, or if you just want to talk in the car hands free, you will need a power supply. Car kits come with a cord that you plug into your car's cigarette lighter, which then powers the phone. It saves on battery use, charges your phone, and allows you to talk while concentrating on your driving.

If you need replacement parts, those headset accessories are available too. Often, call centers, or offices that use a lot of headsets, will stock extra earphone cushions and voice tubes in case one breaks. That way you will be able to get right back on the phone, instead of ordering a whole new headset and waiting for delivery.

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