Lightweight Headsets

Written by Linda Alexander
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Today's lightweight headsets are a long way away from their clunky predecessors. When Plantronics introduced their first headset in 1962, receiver technology wasn't as advanced as it is today. It required additional components and larger pieces, so headsets were much larger and heavier than they are now.

Lightweight Headsets Become Possible

As technology has advanced, lightweight headsets were made possible. Each year, they seem to get lighter and smaller, while maintaining sound quality and remaining durable. Hard plastics are light yet strong, making smaller headsets less fragile than they look.

In work environments where comfort is important, consider using lightweight headsets. There is no reason to buy bulky models when smaller ones will be just as durable and probably have better sound quality. Don't risk missing important messages while on the phone--choose headsets that are lightweight and clear.

If you want something even smaller, consider an earbud. This is an earpiece that fits right into your ear, eliminating the need for a headband-type of headset. You will have more freedom of movement and won't have to worry about adjusting the headset to fit your head or fixing it around your hairdo. Instead, you wear it right in your ear, where it fits comfortably and is most audible.

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