Monaural Phone Headsets

Written by Linda Alexander
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Monaural phone headsets are the economical choice for call centers who need to buy headsets in bulk. As a rule, they offer the best choice in price, comfort, and functionality. Most monaural phone headsets cost $20 to $30 less than their binaural counterparts.

Monaural Phone Headsets for Call Centers

If you are buying them for a call center, remember that when you buy in bulk the difference in price is less of an issue. Call center agents generally consider monaural phone headsets to be more comfortable than binaural ones. So if you have a very noisy environment, binaural headsets are probably a better choice. Agents can hear calls better on them, because both ears are covered.

With a monaural model, there is only one earphone. Binaural headsets, having two earphones and a headband, are generally stronger and better able to block out noise. However, some people don't like having both ears covered and find the monaural units to be more comfortable. You should buy monaural units if your agents need to confer with each other, hear each other's conversations, or if your call center is generally quieter.

One other option is a convertible headset. This way, your agents can wear them in whatever style they choose. This is especially helpful if your agents share headsets--when shifts change, the next agents can simply convert the style of the headsets to whatever they are most comfortable wearing. They provide the most flexibility with good functionality and price.

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