Over The Ear Headsets

Written by Linda Alexander
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People who don't like to mess up their hair while wearing a headset often prefer over the ear headsets. Typically, the headsets consist of an earpiece that fits over the ear and an adjustable microphone. Without an uncomfortable headband or pad, over the ear headsets provide a softer feel and an ergonomic design.

Most over the ear headsets have hard plastic earhooks that are designed to fit the average ear size. If you want a custom fit, there are some models that are adjustable. They ensure a better fit for a wide range of ear sizes; they keep the headsets more stable. There is also a model that fits inside the outer ear, instead of hooking over it. It is made of a soft, flexible material that molds itself to the shape of your ear.

Over The Ear Headsets Are Lightweight

Another advantage of using an over the ear headset is that it is lightweight. Users have reported leaving the office wearing them, forgetting they even had them on! The only drawback is that people who wear glasses might not find these comfortable, as they already have their eyeglasses hooked over their ears.

The over the ear style is also monaural, meaning it only has one earphone. So if you work in a busy call center or other noisy environment, you might have trouble hearing your caller over the background noise in your office. In this case, a binaural headset might be a better choice.

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