Quick Disconnect Headsets

Written by Linda Alexander
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Quick disconnect headsets are so useful for personnel who get up from their desks a lot. Receptionists who double as errand runners, assistants who move from office to office, or even executives who roam around the building talking to employees as they work, can all benefit from the quick disconnect feature.

The Freedom of Quick Disconnect Headsets

With quick disconnect headsets, you are not tethered to your desk. You don't have to constantly put on and take off your headset throughout the workday, messing up your hair, irritating your ears, and tangling cords on your desk. Instead, you can leave the headset on your head, and disconnect the cord from the phone quickly, leaving you free to roam. When you come back, you simply plug the headset back into your phone.

This is a great feature for anybody who moves around a lot during the day and doesn't want to be bothered with messy cords. In addition to quick disconnect headsets, you also have the choice of a wireless setup. You can go completely cordless and receive calls through your headset anywhere within the range of your network.

The wide range of headset accessories is more expansive than you know. Companies are producing new models and devices all the time. You can browse your options online to view everything from the comfort of your own home without the watchful eyes of annoying salespeople.

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