Telephone Headsets

Written by Linda Alexander
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If you are on the phone for several hours a day, you might be suffering from neck cramps and headaches that can be eliminated with telephone headsets. With a headset, there is no need to balance the clunky receiver between your chin and shoulder and strain to type or file while talking. Instead, you wear it headband-style or over your ear, leaving your hands free and your neck unstrained.

Telephone headsets come in corded and cordless models and will increase your productivity because you can use your hands to do other work while you are on the phone. The cordless models allow you to walk up to 1,000 feet away from the amplifier, but they tend to be pricier and weigh more. Telephone headsets come with lots of options, including one or two earpieces, noise filtering microphones, and quick-disconnect cables.

Telephone headsets are made up of the earpiece(s), microphone, and a cord that plugs into the amplifier, which you then plug into your phone. They replace telephone handsets while in use. Or you can get a headset/phone combo, which is smaller, where the earpiece fits into your ear instead of outside of it. There are even headsets made specifically for cellular phones so you can drive safely while talking.

Testing Telephone Headsets Before Buying

When choosing telephone headsets, consider more than just good fit. You might want a mute button or a quick-disconnect feature, depending on your preferences. Know what you want before you purchase headsets, so they don't end up sitting in a drawer, unused.

If you want an inexpensive model, expect to pay around $30, while more durable models are worth the $100-$300 you will spend on them. You might be able to get a discount by purchasing from a dealer rather than from the manufacturer. As with any major purchase, by shopping around you will get an idea for what is out there and what the various options cost.

Wearing Telephone Headsets Comfortably

Most telephone headsets are worn like a headband and typically cover one ear. But this can interfere with your hairstyle. If keeping your hair neat is important to you, you can buy an earpiece that fits in your ear or is worn over your ear like eyeglasses.

Some people might find it uncomfortable to have an earpiece in their ears, while others who wear glasses won't like the style that is worn over the ear. Many people walk away from their desks frequently during the day and miss many calls. They might want a wireless headset. Others are at their desks more and won't mind being tethered there by a cord.

Either way, using a headset is going to ease your discomfort. It will allow you more freedom of movement, and keep your hands free while you talk on the phone. It is an office purchase that is well worth the investment.

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