Audio Video Equipment

Written by Charles Peacock
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Audio video equipment is truly in its renaissance period. As audio and video technology has advanced over the years, our taste has become more discriminating and we expect more from our home theater components. It is now possible to create home audio and video environments that can rival any professional studio or theater.

Audio Video Equipment Necessities

Any home theater starts with a great television screen. Gone are the days when your only choice was size--you can now buy standard tube televisions, flat-screen plasma displays, rear-projection televisions, as well as high-end front projectors and pull-down wall screens. To complicate matters, each of these types of screen is usually available in standard quality or the new high-definition format.

The second crucial piece of audio video equipment is the sound system. If you're looking to build a high-quality home theater system, you'll probably want some sort of surround sound system. Luckily these are easy to find, and don't have to be ridiculously expensive. You can even get systems that include movie theater technology like THX and Dolby Surround.

A media player is the final component to your home theater system, and most people these days choose DVD as their preferred format. One could argue that the advent of DVD players has revolutionized the world of home theaters. Now that we're able to show movies in our homes with such a high-quality picture, we need audio video equipment that will live up to its high standards.

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