In Ceiling Speakers

Written by Charles Peacock
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In ceiling speakers are a great way to bring sound to a room without having visible, unattractive speakers all over the place. For the truly design conscious, in ceiling speakers can maintain the unity of a room's design. Practically speaking, they can also be useful if there simply isn't anywhere to place traditional box speakers.

Uses for in Ceiling Speakers

The place that you've probably encountered in ceiling speakers the most--perhaps without even realizing it--is in commercial establishments like shops or restaurants. Since most establishments like this are set in a large, open room, it is difficult to place normal speakers in a way that everyone can hear them at a constant, comfortable level. Ceiling speakers solve this problem by distributing the sound source throughout the room.

In ceiling speakers can also be very useful in home theater applications. Many people are careful about the decor in their homes, and don't want intrusive, boxy black speakers ruining the style of the room. By mounting speakers in the ceiling, you can easily solve this problem.

The only disadvantage of ceiling speakers is that the wiring can be more difficult. However, most professional sound system installers have the tools to mount speakers in your ceiling with ease. A major benefit of going this route is you don't have visible wires laying on the floor or circling around the baseboards of your room.

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