Custom Home Theaters

Written by Charles Peacock
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Custom home theaters are one of the most impressive features you can add to your home. In addition to providing wonderful enjoyment for you and your family, they also provide a fantastic opportunity for entertaining friends and clients. Let's take a look at some of the possibilities that are out there.

The Possibilities for Custom Home Theaters

Several companies that specialize in building custom home theaters have a line of incredibly impressive, stylishly designed theaters that they can build for you. The level of interior design is absolutely amazing--reproducing the look of some of the most beautiful theaters of decades past, all in your own home. Even if you're interested in coming up with a totally new design, they're there to help, and can offer their expertise to get the project just right.

In addition to the physical design aspect (which includes curtains, wall coverings, carpets, seating and lighting), companies that specialize in custom home theaters are also able to take care of technical design. They will help you choose the best components (amplifiers, projectors, speakers) and will take care of wiring them together and incorporating them into your personal theater. The best companies will give you a beautiful theater with jaw-dropping sound and picture, where all of the wiring and technology is completely invisible.

Another important part of building a home theater is creating a good sound environment. Designers will take factors into consideration like the shape of the room, and the materials used on the floor and the walls, in crafting an audio environment that lacks reverberation and echoes. They will also build a room that minimizes "leakage"--in other words, you won't be able to hear the booming bass of the movie you're watching all over the rest of the house.

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