Extron Electronics

Written by Charles Peacock
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Based in Anaheim, California, Extron Electronics is one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional audio-visual system products. Their company's philosophy is based on three crucial concepts: service, support, and solutions. In addition to manufacturing high-quality products, they also offer training to people in the audio-visual industry.

What Extron Electronics Offers

Extron Electronics specializes in building controllers for audio-visual systems. From small, one-projector systems to enormous, company-wide video systems, they produce interfaces and control boxes that can do it all. Along with their control systems, they sell switchers, amplifiers, and signal processors that ensure that your a/v system performs at an optimal level.

Extron Electronics also produces architectural solutions for incorporating their products into your building. They offer boxes, shelves, and mounting systems that can help you install your a/v system in an accessible place. Their architectural solutions also help you keep the important components visible while hiding the cables and other things that you don't want people to see.

Speaking of cables, Extron also produces a wide variety of audio and video cables and accessories. They offer cables in what they call "cable assemblies," which means they are a fixed length and they come with connectors on each end--in other words, they are ready to use. But they also sell bulk spools of cable, which can be used for bigger jobs like wiring buildings and houses.

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