Written by Charles Peacock
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Faroudja is a company that specializes in video processing. They have been in business for over 30 years, and they are now a division on Genesis Microchip. Recognized as an industry leader, they have won many awards over the years for their accomplishments.

The History of Faroudja

Founded in 1971 by Yves and Isabel Faroudja, the company began with a mission to develop new ways to improve video technology. The founders quickly began securing patents for video technology that they had invented. Today, they have received over 65 such patents for things like video processors and projectors.

As a pioneer in the field of video processing, Faroudja has actually won three Emmy awards. They are recognized by the international television industry as a crucial part of the technological process, and their inventions are used all around the world in virtually every television studio. Having begun with relatively rudimentary VHS technologies, they have stayed at the forefront and are now working on advanced plasma screen technologies.

Currently, Faroudja offers a variety of video-related products. The foremost is their line of video processors, used for cleaning and converting video signals. In addition, they offer something called the "plasma package," which helps to translate a standard video signal as crisply as possible to a flat-panel plasma screen.

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