Harman Kardon Dvd Players

Written by Serena Berger
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Harman Kardon DVD players have been the subject of great curiosity and, subsequently, enthusiasm, since their release. Harman Kardon is famous specifically as an industry leader in speakers, so their foray into the visual realm with DVD players was eagerly anticipated, if slightly surprising. For the most part, buyers have been satisfied with the quality of Harman Kardon DVD players, though their "budget" priced items still cost more than some other brands' high end items.

Harman Kardon points out that in their product names, DVD is not accurately translated as Digital Video Disc. With the expanded uses for the medium, it is now known as the Digital Versatile Disc. Of course, for most people forming a home theatre system, DVDs are a medium in which to view movies, so the salient question remains--are Harman Kardon DVD players a good investment for the devoted movie fan?

The Design and Features of Harman Kardon DVD Players

The answer seems to be yes. First of all, Harman Kardon's products are elegantly simple in their design. Lacking the lights and buttons many other players boast in order to seem more impressive, Harman Kardon's are easy to use, both in terms of buttons and menus, and because of their creative features, such as color-coded inputs, outputs, and connection jacks.

Of course, the best DVD players still require speakers, a receiver, and a television of comparable quality in order to live up to their potential. Harman Kardon's feature advanced circuitry for maximum resolution and multi-channel audio systems, so if you use a television with high-definition video display, you will get the optimal viewing experience. Harman Kardon claims that with their products you will experience an unparalleled sense of enveloping realism in your home theatre system, and many fans agree.

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