Harman Kardon Speakers

Written by Serena Berger
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Harman Kardon speakers are sure to please almost all fans of an intense audio experience, as well as people forming comprehensive home theatre systems. Harman Kardon has been one of the most popular names in audio technology for over fifty years, since releasing its first FM tuner in 1953. Their commitment to cutting edge research and innovative technology has enabled them to offer some of the best speakers on the market, along with receivers which get the optimal performance from those speakers.

The Innovative Features of Harman Kardon Speakers

Harman Kardon speakers boast what they call a "virtually foolproof" system called EzSet calibration. Speaker type and room conditions can be so incompatible as to take a great system and make its performance only mediocre. If left to adjust channel levels on their own, many people will never experience the best from their speakers. EzSet uses built-in sound pressure measurement, controlled internally. All you have to do is play a CD or DVD and set the system to calibrate itself, and within minutes it will have figured out how to balance the sound perfectly in your space.

You've probably read about 5.1 channel audio as the ideal design for home theatre system speakers. The five speakers included in all of the pre-packaged home theatre systems and recommended by anyone you'll talk to in a store are right and left front speakers, right and left rear speakers, and a center speaker which picks up dialogue or vocals. The .1 in 5.1 refers to a subwoofer, which boosts the bass and definitely enhances the listening experience, both with music and movies.

Now, there's no denying that these speakers (if they're high quality, and paired with a good receiver) will form the most enveloping, 360 degree home theatre audio system, but for many people, it's impractical. If you live in an apartment, for example, that's just too much speaker for your space (or your neighbor's!). One of the most exciting innovations with Harman Kardon speakers is their set, which can use only two conventional front speakers to create a three dimensional sound field, the closest thing out there to optimal surround sound without the 5.1 channels.

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