Home Audio Systems

Written by Serena Berger
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Home audio systems are often one of the investments which make you happiest with your home, whether it's your first studio apartment or your dream house. There is so much to consider when choosing your audio equipment. How much do you have to spend? What type or types of music are your favorites? Do you want to buy some high-end basic components so that you can upgrade pieces individually over time and integrate them immediately? Are you also going to be using the audio system with a home theatre system?

Home Audio Systems to Fit Your Space

All of these questions will contribute to the decision of what components to buy. If you live in a small apartment, for example, there are two ways you might go. You could either take advantage of a relatively small pre-packaged surround sound system, or you could get two really high quality front speakers, like those from Harman Kardon, with a receiver designed specially to create a 3-D sound field with just two speakers.

Receivers can be quite an expenditure, but you should always consider getting the best one you can afford with the greatest number of channels. This is true even if you aren't going to use all of them right away. For example, people often want to upgrade their home audio systems, and if they only had a two channel receiver with two speakers, in order to get surround sound, they'll have to get a new receiver, the cost of which could keep them from getting better speakers.

Furthermore, the better the receiver, the better the sound you hear. Obviously you need good speakers and good cables, as well, but the receiver is essential to achieve the sound quality you want. This is one item in your home audio system that you can consider a real "investment" piece.

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