Home Automation

Written by Charles Peacock
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Home Automation, Inc. is a company that specializes in--you guessed it--home automation. While their name isn't terribly creative, the company has been a real pioneer in its field, having developed some of the earliest home automation systems as far back as 1988. To this day, they remain on top of their game, recognized as one of the leaders in their field.

The History of Home Automation

The first Home Automation product was introduced in 1988. Dubbed "Model 1503," it was the first product to incorporate control of your telephone, lighting, appliances, as well as burglary and fire protection into one single unit. In addition to centralizing control of your home's systems, the 1503 also allowed you to automate certain processes.

By 1999, Home Automation had introduced products that allowed you to control your home's systems over the Internet. You could now do things like turn on lights, check security cameras, and even turn up your heating while you were thousands of miles away. This technology quickly caught on, and won several major awards.

Home Automation is currently working on developing advanced touch-screen interfaces for their control systems. This will increase ease-of-use, and will probably be the final step necessary to make home automation more popular in the average home. Until now the technology has been great, but the complexity and cost has kept it out of the reach of the average user.

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