Home Theater Design

Written by Charles Peacock
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Home theater design has reached epic levels of stylishness--and complexity. It is now possible to build a theater in your home that is as fancy and as comfortable as the grand old theaters of the early days of film--with levels of audio-visual technology that blow away anything they had in the old days. Many home theaters, in fact, combine these old nostalgic styles of decor with the latest and greatest in a/v technology.

Home Theater Design Options

For the sake of getting an idea of what's out there, let's consider the varieties of home theater design offered by various, industry-leading companies. Many companies offer three types of home theater design. These types are: custom design, semi-custom design, and something they call "showcase theaters."

Custom design theaters are what the name implies: theaters that are totally customized (both in style and technology) to the buyer's liking. These theaters can reach absolutely opulent proportions, with silk curtains, Persian rugs on the floors, and of course the highest of the high-end audio and video components. They're not just as good as your town's best movie theater--they're better (the drinks, after all, are free).

Semi-custom design theaters incorporate pre-determined design elements and technological setups into your home. These are less expensive, but still not as cheap as the final option: the "showcase theaters." Showcase theaters are basically pre-fabricated home theaters that are designed specifically to fit into almost any home. Because they can be produced in a more standardized fashion, they cost quite a bit less than custom theaters.

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