Home Theater Installation

Written by Charles Peacock
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Home theater installation isn't really something you want to undertake yourself--unless of course you are a home theater installation professional. Unless you're just looking to put a nice TV together with a few surround sound speakers, it really pays to get the help of a specialist. I've been in too many home theaters with great components and terrible sound to ever recommend going it alone.

Why Professional Home Theater Installation Helps

There are so many variables in home theater installation--from choosing components to getting the right wiring to placing your speakers--that you really need someone who has seen every possible scenario. They know all about the little details that you might never think of, like how improper placement of a bass woofer can cause serious (and irritating) reverberation all over your house. Of course they'll charge you a fee, but in the long run it's worth it.

One of the most important variables of home theater installation that a professional can help you with is optimizing your sound environment. Many people don't realize how much the shape and design of their room affects the way that the room will sound when filled with high-powered speakers. Everything from carpeting to paintings on the walls can distort sounds, and an installation expert will be able to predict problems and adjust your system to compensate for them.

These days, home theater components are often of such high quality that they need a professional to set them up. Of course you can always plug things together with wires you got from the local electronics shop, but if you want the best sound and the highest quality picture, you'd better do it the right way. A professional installer will in the very least be able to recommend which types of cables to look for, and what to avoid.

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