Home Theater System

Written by Charles Peacock
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Looking to install a home theater system? Technological advances in the last 10 years have made it possible to build a theater in your home that can rival the experience of going to your favorite movie theater. It is now possible to have the same high-quality video screens and professional surround sound systems that in the old days you'd have to buy a ticket to experience.

Purchasing a high quality home theater system doesn't mean you have to transform your home, either. Professional home theater system companies are able to seamlessly incorporate a jaw-dropping system into your existing home architecture. Speakers, screens and components can be placed out of sight, to give you a fantastic stealth system that you only see when you want to.

Professional Home Theater System Components

Putting together a great home theater system used to mean buying high-end equipment from well-known, mass market manufacturers. What you were getting was often barely a step above what was available at the local electronics shop. Basically you were paying a lot for only small improvements and extra features.

Today, there are hundreds of boutique manufacturers that produce components exclusively for the high-end market. This means that you can truly customize your home theater system to your liking. It is possible to shop for speakers, televisions, and audio components that will fit your needs exactly, and will blow the doors off anything you'd find at the local big box retailer.

Another advantage of high-end home theater system components is that their smaller production runs and higher prices provide more resources for the manufacturers' research and development teams. The result is not only higher quality sound and video, but also ease-of-use features that you won't be able to find from the major manufacturers. You're not only getting the best quality components, you're getting a system that is tailor-made for great functionality.

Building a Home Theater System

The first component in any home theater system is of course the screen. Many different options are available, depending on your preferences for size and picture quality. If you're looking for the latest trend in high-definition television, you'll probably want to go with a large liquid crystal display that you can hang on a wall.

Another fantastic video option is a high-definition projector, which can be installed in a retractable box in the ceiling, and can project on a wall or a high resolution projection screen. Projectors are a great idea because they allow for a larger image size, and aren't as heavy and cumbersome as standard televisions. They can also be installed neatly out of site, which is preferable if you're looking for a stealth home theater system.

Audio components are the glue that holds your home theater together. A great picture is worthless without a surround-sound experience to match, and you should never skimp on this end of the project. Talking to a professional home theater installation specialist will help you develop a plan for both audio and video that will meet your quality needs and fall within your acceptable budget.

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