Home Theatre Dvd Systems

Written by Serena Berger
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Home theatre DVD systems can be made by purchasing a pre-packaged set of components from a single manufacturer or by selecting each component individually, the latter of which is advisable only if you have done your homework about the reliability and quality of different brands. While all you truly need to play DVDs is a DVD player connected to your television, the cinematic experience can only be re-created with a more comprehensive home theatre system, with sound quality that is superior to that provided by the speakers built into televisions. Even if you are on a tight budget, there are home theatre DVD systems that will dramatically increase your enjoyment of watching movies at home.

The most convenient way of putting together a home theatre system is to purchase a pre-packaged set of components. Even premium brands such as Harman Kardon offer bundled packages that include speakers, a Dolby digital receiver, wires and a DVD player--everything that you need to transform your living room into a home theatre. However, if you already have a DVD player, you can buy speakers and a receiver separately, which will allow you greater flexibility in customizing your home theatre.

Additions to Home Theatre DVD Systems

While a DVD player, speaker and receiver may seem like everything that you need to complete your home theatre, there are other components that you should consider. If you have children, they are likely to want to connect a video game system to your entertainment center, where the jaw-dropping stereo will enhance the hours of gameplay that they will enjoy. You might also want to consider digital music players, such as those that connect your computer to your stereo and will allow you to play your collection of MP3s in full stereo sound.

While they might seem like an anachronistic addition to home theatre DVD systems, VCRs are still popular in many homes. However, if you would like to record television in the highest possible quality, as well as be able to pause and rewind shows as they play, you might want to consider a digital video recorder. Adding any of these components to a home theatre system will provide you with a comprehensive entertainment system for the family.

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