Home Theatre Kits

Written by Serena Berger
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Home theatre kits take a lot of the guesswork out of compiling a home theatre system. Some provide literally everything you need to set up a home theatre environment, while others are just the speakers, or the speakers and a receiver. Those latter options are actually more common, since, generally speaking, the best audio systems are not made by companies which also make the best video equipment, and furthermore most people already have a television and/or a DVD player, so they aren't looking to buy everything at once.

Many home theatre kits are designed for people on a limited budget, or with limited space. Dorm rooms, studio apartments, or a second room in the house where you want to be able to enjoy music or movies (even if you already have a large family room theatre system) are all great places to enjoy a small-scale home theatre kit. In a case like this, you want to look for a kit that has smaller speakers, since you probably don't have a lot of space or need a lot of volume, but don't choose a package that skimps on receiver quality or power, because even at lower volumes, receiver power means cleaner sound.

The Surround Sound Speakers in Home Theatre Kits

Typically the speakers found in home theatre kits will be those which comprise a surround sound system. At minimum, that will be two front satellites, two rear satellites, and a center. Many sets will include a subwoofer, and some which go up to 7.1 channels will add an additional two satellite speakers.

Home theatre kits can be a great idea if you want to upgrade your system in the future, but don't want to start with just two speakers. Because they tend to be smaller, and more affordable (both having cheaper speakers to begin with, and then offering a discount when you buy the set), you can get a home theatre kit and use several pieces of it in conjunction with the speakers which you upgrade over time. Many people would rather have surround sound of some sort (even if it's an unconventional or eclectic combination of components) than be patient and wait to have all of their dream system compiled.

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