Home Theatre Speaker Stands

Written by Serena Berger
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Home theatre speaker stands and mounts can help make the most of your space. They also help enhance the efficacy of surround sound. Finally, they may be essential in keeping your expensive speakers safe, so there are many reasons to make sure you get the best.

Placing Home Theatre Speaker Stands

For surround sound to work as well as it should, speaker placement is critical. You have to think about the location, the angle, and the height of several different speakers which work different ways. Using the right home theatre speaker stands will make sure that you can get those heights and angles, no matter what the architecture of the space, or how crowded your room is.

A subwoofer works best set on the floor by itself, and can be put under a sofa or table fairly easily. The center speaker can often be set on top of the television or in a compartment of an entertainment center, since the main criterion for its ideal placement is that it be located in the same place and pointed in the same direction as the TV. The other speakers are not as easy to place.

Many people want to mount their satellite speakers from the ceiling, so that they can point down and inward toward the sweet spot of sound where you'll be sitting. Speakers, however, can be quite heavy, and considering that you don't want to put them on a flat shelf above head level, you need to know that they can be safely screwed into a mount which has axis, tilt, and rotational adjustments. For some people who don't want to mess with screwing mounts into the walls and ceilings, free standing flat home theatre speaker stands can be used to elevate satellite speakers to the proper level. Many different models are available to complement different decorative schemes.

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