Jbl Outdoor Speakers

Written by Serena Berger
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JBL outdoor speakers fill a very specific niche in the home theatre system market. If you live in an area where you can enjoy music or movies projected outdoors, there are a number of concerns about equipment and placement that JBL outdoor speakers can address. As a subsidiary of Harman Consumer Systems Group, you know that JBL can be counted on for quality of design and construction of speakers that will last for years, so that leaves you to consider exactly what set you want, for exactly what location.

Indoors, there are walls to reflect and contain sound, and low-frequency sounds are reinforced and boosted by the walls. Outside, however, you lose all of the advantages of containment and gain the additional disadvantage of ambient noise. Furthermore, you have to contend with weather conditions like rain which would destroy indoor speakers, as well as potentially injuring you or your family with electrical current if the equipment were to get wet.

What You Get With JBL Outdoor Speakers

JBL outdoor speakers address these concerns with products designed specifically for the outdoor listening environment. Primarily, they are weather resistant, and tested rigorously under a variety of environmental conditions. Secondly, they boost the bass sufficiently to make up for the way the sound dissipates with no walls around.

Of course, even weather resistant speakers will be happier if you protect them from the worst onslaughts of precipitation, so you should consider placing them under cover. If you can't do that, then you need to mount them with the cones facing just slightly downward. If you can place the speakers near a wall or solid surface, that will enhance bass performance, and if you can elevate them, that will enhance the range of projection. Also, if at all possible, run the cables from the receiver indoors through the walls, not out a window or a door jamb, because repeatedly opening and closing it will crimp the cable and cause a short.

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