Jbl Speakers

Written by Serena Berger
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JBL speakers are one line of speakers produced by the Harman Consumer Systems Group, whose brands include Harman Kardon, Revel, Audioaccess, and Lexicon. JBL is a division which designs and manufactures a wide range of products, from impressive concert hall speakers to just about the coolest set of PC speakers ever made. While there a number of JBL products you might be interested in even if you're not Eric Clapton on an international tour, the Creature 2.1 Speakers are the ones that most people want, and rightly so.

JBL Speakers for the PC

These PC speakers feature the most innovative design of any on the market. They are made in white, silver, and blue, and JBL whimsically packages and markets them as alien life forms. The two satellite speakers are the smallest out there, measuring about three inches high, with a funky design you have to see for yourself. The subwoofer is nine inches in height and diameter, and is the mother ship of JBL speakers for the PC.

The satellite speakers are optimized for mid to high frequency range, noteworthy for their use of neodymium magnets. Neodymium has been used in the audio industry for several years, especially in the high performance microphone sector. It has started to make its way into high end speakers, but these are the first PC speakers to use neodymium instead of ferrite ceramic magnets. The subwoofer doesn't produce the deepest bass sound of any PC sub, but for its size, it is tight and complements the satellites very well.

Despite their novel design, don't make the mistake of thinking these JBL speakers are novelty speakers. Yes, the "capacitance touch" volume control is cool, and in the strictest sense not necessary (you don't have to touch the volume control, simply move your finger over it), but this is not a design quirk meant to distract from a performance flaw. In fact, the only complaint that people have with the Creature speakers is that they have no headphone jack. If your priority with PC sound is the option to hook up headphones to keep the room quiet for a roommate or spouse, that is the one case in which these speakers might not be ideal for you.

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