Jvc Plasma Tvs

Written by Serena Berger
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JVC plasma TVs are currently available only in 42 inches, more than enough to re-create a theater environment in your home. Their models include a tuner that is a separate component from the plasma display, in contrast to other manufacturers that build the tuner into the display itself. By making the tuner box (which is where different connections are located) separate from the screen, JVC plasma TVs can be made thinner than the competition's, which is significant for both spatial and aesthetic consideration.

The tuner box itself is impressive, boasting a series of inputs that is sure to accommodate any home theater system. With four composite, three S-video, and two component video inputs, as well as a DVI connection that would allow you to connect a home computer, JVC has included as many connections as any home user would find necessary. Moreover, the tuner, which runs almost silently, can be moved around to conceal the wires that could detract from the interior design.

Features on JVC Plasma TVs

Built-in speakers are not standard on all plasma televisions; JVC includes them, and does not stop there. Their TVs include a subwoofer as well as virtual surround sound technology, making the television possibly the only piece of stereo equipment that you will need. Also unique to JVC plasma TVs are five video status modes: theater, dynamic, game, standard and TheaterPro D6500K. These settings allow viewers to customize more completely the video display; the final mode allows them to view films with the color settings that film editors have specified.

As they are HD-compatible and widescreen, JVC plasma televisions are ready for the latest in HDTV programming as well as able to accommodate the 16:9 aspect ratio of most DVDs available today. Additionally, the TVs include a stand, an item that you would need to purchase separately from other manufacturers for their televisions. For the size and the features, including a good black levels and contrast ratios, JVC plasma televisions will serve well those who want to create home theatre for movies, as well as those looking for an everyday television.

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